Hello lovely. Take a moment and close your eyes and think of yourself only 6 months from now. What do you see yourself doing, accomplishing, launching, and creating and how do you feel about it?

What do you really truly desire to have in your life and in your business? And what IF you could actually achieve it? What would change in your life?

Let’s paint that picture for a moment:

You have brought together all of your gifts and work in your zone of genius allowing yourself to embrace the ease of doing business your way – you know, the way that feels oh-so-good.

This has allowed you to show up, be seen and share authentically with your tribe, and are now a known expert in your niche.

You have confidently built your ideal schedule, mapped out your time, your offerings, and your rates, which you keeps you laser focused.
You no longer feel icky or misaligned with what you are doing in your business and how you are marketing to and attracting clients – everything feels in flow, in alignment and SO YOU.
You are no longer guessing on what to do and how to do it in your business, as you have already gained crystal clarity on what you do and what to focus on to maximize results.
Your new normal is attracting and enrolling dream clients with so much ease it feels ridiculous and you laugh and jump for joy at the same time because you can hardly believe how amazing and effortless it feels.
You finally made those scary but necessary decisions to quit your job, move cities, start that business, join that partnership, speak on stage, plan that event, write that book, invest big in yourself, etc. with total ease and grace.
You easily hit your goal of consistent income and feel empowered as you become debt free.
You are over the moon ecstatic at the growth and momentum your business has accomplished over the last 6 months rocking your jam that your happiness has overflowed and positively impacted your relationship with your spouse/partner/family as you now have a permanent smile on your face and actually have extra energy and time to devote to them.
You are exactly where you desired to be and it feels liberating and freaking amazing.

… If this is at all close to what you envisioned too, then I would like to officially invite you to be a part of The Soul Sisterhood.

The Soul Sisterhood is for ambitious multipassionate entrepreneurs who know that this is going to be their year. It is for the woman who is ready to step up, be seen, and move some massive mountains in her business, which will make for an outstanding life. Her vision is growing bigger, she wants to make a positive impact on the world, and she desires success and freedom on her own terms.

But she knows she can’t do it alone. She knows she needs support and accountability to go big and do what she desires to do. She knows that connecting with other like-minded women during this time will accelerate her learning curve and growth because she will have amazing biz bestie sisters in her corner supporting her every step of the way.


If yes, then THIS IS IT.

You are ready to stop researching and consuming information, keeping you in analysis paralysis, comparisonitis, or in the fear of not knowing enough.

You are ready to implement, to trust your gifts and intuition and put them into practice. To finally do what you say you are going to do and achieve what you desire most.

More connection, more momentum, more accomplishment, more support, more implementation, more impact, more ease, more success, more freedom.


You see, a few years back I felt a little lonely and lost, even after taking a ton of online courses, programs, and group tranings I felt disconnected to my peers and felt like even though I met tons of people online, I didn’t have deep close relationships with anyone. Plus I really desired someone to look at my business and what I was doing up close and personal to make sure I was on the right path and making the right decisions for my business. But when I found an amazing mastermind full of my dear soul sistersand I finally got the connection I was searching for, the hand holding and eyes on my business I desired, and it was definitely a life inspiring and business game changer for me. Now I personally don’t think any entrepreneur should be without a connective sisterhood that fully supports them and their vision. It has become my personal and professional mission to fully support my tribe so that no woman is left behind.

You CAN achieve the success you desire, and I want your journey to success to feel just as good as the desination. Because, why not? Do you want that too?

Therefore, I’ve created this sisterhmind for a group of no more than 10 women who are ready to come together and rise up to the top. To truly move mountains together.

I wholeheartedly believe that when sleeping women wake and band together, they move even greater mountains.


Together in this sistermind we will (but not limited to):

Set a Foundation

Desire Mapping & create goals with soul. Setting the foundation to making the journey feel as good as the destination, because feeling good is the whole point. Set and achieve business goals that are in alignment with what feels good to you and only create stuff that feels good and lights us up.

Leverage Your Assets

Discover and hone in on your natural gifts and strengths. Leveraging them to work for you, so you work smarter not harder. Only work in the framework of what works best for you and zone in on your special sauce and have it reflected back to you when you doubt yourself or need an ego boost. Your sisters have your back.

Create Your Own Strategy

No more cookie cutter signature system. Create your own personal freedom and marketing strategy that works with you to meet your needs, giving you an action plan to succeed, allowing you to strategically take it step by step {Who needs to free fall? Not you}. Discover your own inner guidance system – a framework that is not dependant on anyone else, an inner compass to making decisions.

Overcome Your Fears

Work through the fears standing in your way and gain confidence to really step up your game in all areas of your business and life, removing blocks and limiting beliefs as we go. Become a master of your mindset so that you lean into fear and don’t let is stop you. The inner game is what supports the outter game into action.

Stress & Time Management

Develop and strengthen essential stress & time management skills that works with your busy schedule so you can finally make waves with your business and keep sanity in your life.  Set healthy boundaries and learn to say HECK YES or gracefully decline to the things that drain our energy.

Gain Massive Clarity

Gain tons of vital clarity on your big why, what you do, how you do it, and who you serve. So everything flows with more ease.

Embrace Ease & Grace

Together we will stop pushing ourselves to burnout and allow more ease & grace into how we approach and accomplish our goals in our business and life all while gaining the success you desire.

I promise, this is not a program or course – it is a support and accountability sisterhood on steroids (a sistermind). What we cover and discuss in this sisterhood is not information you will need to study or learn, you literally get it because I’m showing you, coaching you, removing your blocks, and teaching you along the way – you experience it.
Here’s What You Receive When You Say YES to the Soul Sistermind:

Private Coaching & Personalized Support - Receive four(4) private 1:1 Calls with Gina to use throughout our 6 months together ($2000 value)

Two(2) Monthly Group Mastermind/Laser Coaching Calls (12 total - approx 90min-2hrs each) These calls are all about taking action and moving forward by addressing fears and blocks, and getting consistent support and accountability by Gina and your soul-sisters - all calls recorded ($3000 value)

You will also have unlimited coaching access to Gina for 6 months via voxer/IM/email/text for extra support with 24 hour turnaround time ($1000 value)

One(1) Monthly virtual “coworking” calls each month (6 total) where we’ll hold each other accountable to show up and do the work. This can be working on a project, finishing that program/training you signed up for ages ago, research, write copy, etc. Have your sisters eyes and ears on your stuff and get feedback. This is the time to get stuff done! ($600 value)

Private FB Group for support, connection, inspiration, questions, and encouragement of your sisters (priceless)

ReSOULutions Goal Setting virtual workshop – in January 2019 where we kick off the year and spend 3 hours together jamming on all what you want to achieve in 2018 ($197 value)

Private invitation to Gina’s CLIENT ONLY live in-person advanced retreat (date and special discounted offer TBA 2019). This is time to go deep, step-into your next level, plan, be seen, supported, and fully connect face to face with your soul sisters (big hugs all around). This is where the magic really comes together IRL. Get ready to celebrate your success and plan and vision for what’s next ($1500 value)


… but don’t worry, you won’t be investing that amount

At its heart, the Soul Sistermind is about not being on this journey alone. It is about getting the support, coaching, friendship, and accountability to move mountains in your business with much success and reap the benefits of how it positively trickles into all areas of your life.

The foundation will be setting soulful goals and achieving them in a way that feels good, time and stress management, managing your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, moving forward, taking action, dissolving fear, and finally do what you keep saying you are going to do – all while feeling good and focusing on the ease during the process. Helping you build a business that supports your life, not a life that supports your business.


Before working with Gina I thought I knew what I was good at and wanted to do but after working with her I have gained a clearer understanding of my unique gifts, what I should be doing with my talents, and what I desire. She has helped me gain the clarity that drives productive action! There is a lot of contemplation, reflection, and creative processing that needs to happen to grow a new business and it can easily get pushed off to the side but Gina helps give this work validity and has helped me keep on track.


By working with Gina, my side hustle is becoming my full time hustle and the way I am deciding to move forward impacts all facets of my life. A whole life change, not just in my career, but in the way I approach life is happening and I love the direction it is going. I feel so blessed to have Gina on my team!

Kathleen Kelsey

Founder, Working Dog Enterprises

What will we really be doing together for six months?

We will dive into my Side Hustle Success process by discovering how you want to feel and show up in your business and life and use that as a compass to make decisions – no more failed launches, programs that zap your energy, or hearing crickets from your offers – you finally are in alignment with the way you show up in your business and attracting dream clients authentically.

We will begin with achieving crystal clarity on who you are, what you do, and who you serve. Even if you know this already, you will get even more clear so that it flows out of your mouth while you sleep. 😉

Then you will walk away with soulful goals set and achieved with ease, a group of amazing women that you call your soul sisters who see you and support you to success, and massive momentum in your business and life (because in reality they are all connected, right?).

This is about creating your business success and life based on feeling good during the whole journey (not just the destination). No need to sacrifice right now. And the journey is SO much better with friends who completely understand, as they are right there with you holding our hand.

This is your time to gain the success and lay the foundation to create a personalized business and lifestyle that meets your desires and dreams with ease and grace. Decide to have side hustle success and do it your way while gaining biz besties you’ll take with you for life in the process. 

Are you ready to move some massive mountains with me and the other women together?

Fill out the application below and get on the waitlist for when we begin again October 2018


The investment is $555/month OR $3000 (when paid in full)

L E T ‘ S   G E T   S T A R T E D

It is extremely important to us that we cultivate the right mix of personalities of women who are ready connect deeply to give and get support in this sistermind, and finally gain the momentum and success they desire in business and in life.

Therefore, we are currently accepting applications HERE 

The next journey begins in October 2018, with our first official call

Join me and your new souls sisters to finally getting the support you crave to move some massive mountains in 6 months – It is your year to go big!

We will  continue for 6 beautiful months together and finish off with an optional IN PERSON retreat so we can hug, celebrate, coach, connect, and plan what comes next. 

Are you in? I really hope so because I absolutely cannot wait to support and spend more time with you so you can truly achieve what you desire. 

What is it like to be coached and supported by Gina?

Before I met Gina, I was unsure about what to focus on and if what I working on would actually help my business. She helped me to understand what I wanted, how to prioritize the steps to get there, and then set out some focused action steps to get me there. Gina is gifted in seeing beyond the implementation of business logistics, she sees personal blocks and limiting beliefs that get in the way of success. She helps you to focus on using the gifts you already have – and using them to achieve your goals. When I look back at the investment I feel it was SO worth it, because I feel calm, safe, and confident and that I am moving in the direction of success  – in a short space of time I made more progress that I did on my own for one full year. Gina is a confident intuitive coach who understands the soul of what you are trying to accomplish. She is great at connecting you to your goals and guiding you to recognize obstacles and she reframes challenges as stepping stones to success. 

Sharon MacGregor

Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Serene Serendipity Wellness

After working with Gina, I had a plan to get out of my job and go full-time into my biz. To make the transition smooth and less “scary” for me and my husband, I really needed a plan that eased us all through the transition to full-time entrepreneur and this worked great!

I highly recommend working with Gina  – it was so helpful in getting my “escape plan” together and getting really clear on my why as well! Now, I have no regrets about leaving my job. I’m happier, have more freedom in my schedule, and I am set to make at least twice as much income as I brought in at the full-time job that I was unhappy at! Thanks so much Gina for all of your help! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Julie Lowe

Owner, Socially Aligned

After working with Gina I feel confident and focused in a calm, relaxed and professional way. I know what I need to do and I no longer feel intimated by my goals but empowered by them… I’ve gotten so much done in the last few months working with her, than the previous 6 months of doing it all on my own. You’re worth every penny! Thank you Gina!

Bethany Mullins

Health Coach

Gina has a special knack for hearing what needs to heard and reading in between the lines. She helps me clear the debris of my insecurities and selfdoubt so that I can get in touch with the empowered and positive women business owner I want to be. Gina’s simple yet powerful questions help me get clarity and action steps I can take to move forward – I finally quit my job and I couldn’t have done it without your support!

Lizeth Bejarano

Health Coach & Chef

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, if for any reason you don’t like the sisterhood community after 15 days we begin, just let me know and I will give you your money back. After that, you are in it to win it – I want you to be fully committed and ALL IN during our time together therefore after the 15 days, registration is non refundable, but is transferable to another event or program.
Will I get 1:1 time with Gina?
Absolutely! You will recieve FOUR private 1:1 coaching sessions with Gina during our 6 months together. After that, you may book additional one-off private sessions at the mastermind only discounted rate for extra support. PLUS register before Jan. 28th, and get an extra 60 min 1:1 goal setting session with Gina (that is a total of five private 1:1 coaching sessions).
How does the Facebook group work?
Once you enroll, you will be added into a private secret Facebook group. This will be THE PLACE to hang with your mastermind sisters – to connect, share, chat and inspire each other. I will pop in to check in as well as have office hours. This will also be a place for announcements, and your membership area for materials and resources.

Think of it as a virtual “Central Perk” to hang out with all of your new side hustle soul sister F-R-I-E-N-D-S

What if I miss a call?
Don’t worry about it! {seriously, this is not something to stress about} I know you have a busy schedule and though attending the calls live will be the most beneficial, all calls will be recorded and sent out as a mp3 for you to listen to {or re-listen to} on your own time. Once we begin, the call schedule will be set in attempt to mutually benefit the members’ schedules to the best of our ability.
Will we meet in person?
YES of course lovely! In July we will come together to meet in person at a gorgeous intimate retreat house in Seattle. We will hug, celebrate, coach, support, mastermind and plan what’s next. Exact date TBD.

Want to connect & chat about it with me?

If you have questions or want to talk it over, I encourage you to fill out the application and then we will hop on a call to chat and I can answer all of your questions to see if this is the next best step for you. xo