“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” Chinese Proverb

Do you desire an epic weekend to PLAY, RELAX, CONNECT, and EXPLORE your desires and create some goals with soul AS WELL AS MASTERMINDING about your next business idea, goal or struggles with a new crew of SOUL SISTER BIZ BESTIES to take with you for life?

Well get ready because we are bringing you the GIRLS WEEKEND FOR YOUR {BUSINESS} SOULRETREAT – focusing on you AND your business discovering how to have them both in alignment with how you want to feel plus set an action plan to make it all happen. Because two minds are better than one and when women get together, we move mountains. Plus the world is too big and life is too short to go at life and business alone and having some powerful ladies in your corner makes all the difference. It is finally here, the next GIRLS WEEKEND FOR YOUR {BUSINESS} SOUL™ retreat is coming:

SPRING 2018 – San Diego, CA

Fall 2018 – Seattle, WA

*email us at hello@gina-louise.com if you are interested in hearing the details once they are released!

Why a girls weekend for your business?

Well, why the hell not?!

We not only love girls weekends (they are like grown up slumber parties), we believe they are a necessary part of life for all women. PLUS we have experienced the stress and overwhelm it feels like to go about this road to entrepreneurship alone and have personally witnessed the growth and transformation that happens when women mastermind with others to move forward in their business by leaps and bounds. It is truly the perfect blend of work and play! Let’s face it friends, this life is busy, it’s technologically hectic, and we as women are becoming more and more disconnected from not only ourselves but the women we need who remind us of the beauty of who we are. It’s far too easy to waste our lives away staring at Facebook feeds, sending emails and texts, taking care of everyone else, and rushing from one calendar event to the next. Plus it gets pretty lonely.  Perhaps you’ve noticed a craving that’s been growing bigger deep inside for something more but you just weren’t sure what that is… What you might be craving is some much needed slow down time to relax, to settle in to yourself, to discover your desires, to expand your vision with your business, and to share in a new SISTERHOOD. A group of biz besties that not only support you in all areas of your life, but are also entrepreneurs, just like you. You will come away with some amazing soul sisters to hold your hand and cheer you on to experience your very best self and to succeed in your business from a place that feels good. And, it only gets better when we add in fun sisterhood rituals, personal growth, lots of laughter, dance, amazing food, chocolate, wine, champagne AND some major business building sessions, mastermind, coaching and planning to go along with it (can we say powerhouse)! Be prepared to move mountains both in your life AND your biz this weekend.

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We are personally inviting you to this intimate epic retreat reserved for only 10 women who are ready to play, explore and create new lifelong soul sisters.

Will you be one of them?


Coming to the retreat is the best thing that has happened to me all year. Since then I have made so many decisions based on how I want to feel and becoming more aligned with what my soul wants. Sharon MacGregor

Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Serene Serendipity Wellness

The retreat was amazing! I felt connected, safe, happy, and engaged. You can tell Gina loves doing these and are great at attracting like minded amazing women and bringing them together. This weekend I discovered some things that have been holding me back but also empowered in what I do know and what makes me ME.  Meeting other empowered women of ALL backgrounds and goals helped me connect more to what I want and that it is okay to be different and SHINE in my own unique way and truly believe it. I would definitely recommend this retreat to my friend and am 100% glad I went.

Nicole Baker

Health Coach , The Naturalita

So what will you experience in a Girls Weekend for Your {BUSINESS} Soul retreat?
Accommodations in a beautiful private home in Seattle, WA – it’s basically a grown up luxury slumber party!
Clean and healthy meals that leave you feeling vibrant and energized– we can accommodate all styles of eating
Business Focused Desire Map Level 1 Workshop- Discover how you really want your business to feel and how to create new goals with soul. Prior Desire Map experience is not necessary but please see below for more details.
Group coaching, guided meditations, connection work- bust through fear, confidence issues, and pesky little self-limiting beliefs
Business Masterminding sessions, hot seat business coaching and brainstorming on what your best next move will be in your biz and to achieve it in a way that feels good.
Guest Expert Panel Discussion – I’ve invited some of my favorite and personal soul sister biz besties to join us for an intimate Q&A and round table discussion. Ask them anything to gain insight and expert knowledge but topics will primarily be focused on business success, design/branding, authenticity, fear, money mindset, selling authentically, and visibility.
Morning Yoga- wake up feeling gentle and energizing
Express your creativity through art exercises and soulful crafts – the very best way release stress and unleash your creativity.
A beautiful, open, and comforting space to relax and connect– it’s your time now, you deserve it!


Thank you Gina for an incredible weekend. It was so great to be able to spend time with amazing women and work through some things getting rid of the old and replace with the new.

Nicole Lombardo

Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs , The Get It Done Gals

The retreat was eye opening as I had never done anything like this before but wanted to give it a try… Not only did I love connect with and hearing other women’s stories, but it was just awesome to spend a weekend gaining perspective on myself and my desires. I absolutely loved it! Kelsie Woodhouse


Why Gina and why this weekend?

The truth is I am a master coach who helps women bust through limiting mindsets and fear to create lives and businesses in alignment with their true selves and their deepest desires. I love to coach and work with my one-on-one clients. However, I also desire deep connection and sisterhood. I know the magic that happens when incredible women come together and say YES to each other and to themselves. I know this because I actually met my soul sister biz besties at a retreat and now they are my best friends in the whole world! We have been there through thick and thin and can 100% without a doubt say that we are stronger, happier, healthier, and better because we have each other. So that’s the real reason I do this – aside from the fact that it’s an absolute blast! I know that if this was possible for me, it’s also possible for you. I would LOVE to have you join us and enter into this new sisterhood!
So, it all comes down to this – do you want to…

Spend 2.5 days focusing on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS and determine a way to move forward authentically and hit your goals?

Connect deeply and authentically, eat tasty food (that is good for you too), dance your ass off, move your body, relax, enjoy nature, and drink champagne? All while doing deep inner work and business planning that puts you on the path to getting what you want in your life AND business?

Determine your next steps, identify growth opportunities and brainstorm the best ways to reach your business goals in a way that feels OH SO GOOD!

Create life-long friendships with incredible women who will support you and keep you accountable to your biz goals and life desires?

If your answer is YES, you are in the right place. Join us by going deeper in experiencing how to discover your desires and build your business authentically by attending A Girls Weekend for Your {BUSINESS} Soul™.

It is time to focus on you and your business

It’s time to stop stressing and start achieving your goals based on how you want to feel. Your business is evolving and by tuning into how you want it to feel moving forward is an extremely powerful tool. You’re just 2.5 days away from discovering  the tools you need to finally live your life authentically – and have your business in alignment of how you want to feel. How amazing is that? Imagine yourself at this next Girls Weekend for Your {Business} Soul™ – laughing, crying, dancing, relaxing, connecting, going deep, planning and without a doubt making big magical changes in your life and biz that just don’t seem so hard when you have these powerful women by your side. Space is limited and we usually book up fast. We are holding one of those ten spaces for you. Will you join us and become one of our new soul sister biz besties?
A little more about your host:

Gina Fresquez – Desire Map facilitator, podcast host, freedom catalyst and clarity coach for soulful women on a mission to change the world through their side hustle and passion projects. Her specialty lies in helping multi-passionate women define and then create their unique version of freedom in a way that feels good to them through addressing stress, limiting beliefs, fear and confidence. She is also a HUGE fan of champagne & dance parties, red lipstick, horses, and all things 80s. Learn more about Gina HERE

Here are the lovely Guest Mentors {ie my biz besties} joining us and supporting you this weekend:
Chassie Bell

Chassie Bell

Graphic/Web/Branding Artist

Branding goddess helping women entrepreneurs design beautiful images and websites to fully represent who they are and their mission {PS – she is MY designer and one of my dear soul sisters}. Chassie is my partner in crime and will be with us all weekend! Learn more about Chassie HERE
Melody Biringer

Melody Biringer

Founder of The Crave Company

Connecting women together to make waves in their careers and personal lives, Melody loves to collaborate, innovate, reinvent, create community and move forward at all times. Learn more about Melody HERE

Emmy Wu

Emmy Wu

Chief Storyteller & Editor

At the heart of her work, Emmy loves storytelling. Her mission is to transform that soulful message from your heart, into a beautiful medium that you can share with the world. Learn more about Emmy HERE
Gina is skilled at creating a space that combines connection, introspection, vulnerability and fun. She guides people to have an experience that feels effortless. I left the retreat feeling rejuvenated and lighter and highly recommend going. Tamar Henry

Life & Fertility Coach , Curveball Coaching

Learning exactly how I want to feel in everything I do has been HUGE for me. The retreat itself was a beautiful, fun, soul opening and it stretched into a place where I could get really clear and exactly how I wanted to feel which has given me the power to make decisions in every aspect of my life on those feelings. My marriage is stronger, my self-care routine is solid and my business is booming. It may seem like such a simple way to approach life but it’s the simple things that are the most impactful.

Chassie Bell

Graphic Artist and Web Designer, Chassie Bell Design and Branding


$650/2 payments
  • + Split payment options available

  • All inclusive 2 nights shared accommodations in beautiful private retreat house in greater Seattle
  • All meals, snacks & drinks from Friday evening through Sunday morning included
  • Desire Map Level 1 Workshop & Fire Starter Sessions – Business/entrepreneur/career focused
  • Group coaching & individual coaching by Gina and her special guest mentors
  • Movement class
  • Masterminding and individual hot seat business coaching
  • Arts & crafts
  • Materials and special gift bag
  • Airfare – Transportation to/from airport NOT INCLUDED (though we can help you set it up)
Friends will be made. Lives and businesses will be changed. Magic will happen.
If you have any questions please email us at hello@gina-louise.com

Once you register, check your inbox as you will be receiving more information on the details like exact location, schedule, what to bring, and how to prepare for this life-changing event. We can’t wait to see you there! NOTE OF CAUTION: Plan for aha’s and alleluias. After connecting to their soul sister biz besties and declaring their business goals with soul, women have been known to make major changes. You may quit stuff, launch something, stand up, shine brighter, ask for more.

You may feel the way you’ve always wanted to. Free…. And that, my dear, is a beautiful thing.  


Can these retreats really change your life and business? Listen to a past retreat attendee’s experience and how much she raved about the weekend. (This video gives you a good feel for the vibe of the retreat but if you are short on time skip to minute 26:06 to hear how deeply I feel about why you should come and to minute 29:26 to hear Chassie’s direct results the retreat had on her business)

More info regarding the Desire Map…

THE DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP – LEVEL 1 is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices moving forward. Get ready to finally discover a way to truly live the life you want, on passion. You will leave this workshop knowing your “core desired feelings” – a guidance system for your decision-making, a GPS for your soul. Once you have these, making decisions become easier. I promise. We’ll look at our perceptions around “feelings” and goal setting. We’ll examine how we drive and strive, and see where in our lives we experience freedom — and where we want more of it. You will be guided through 5 life areas, to explore your most desired feelings in:

  • Lifestyle + Livelihood
  • Creativity + Learning
  • Body + Wellness
  • Relationships + Society
  • Essence + Spirituality

We will create sacred safe space, inner and outer – an altar, great music, cozy environment and tied together with shared intentions. We’re going to burn the limiting beliefs (figuratively, and maybe literally) holding you back and keeping you stuck. We will offer up our own wisdom, relate, and learn from each other — creating a new sisterhood. You will make some soul-anchored declarations and attach them to some every day PLANS – so you are ready to move forward with goals with soul. As we go soul deep with desire mapping, we’ll get clear on what blocks are holding you back from truly living your desires and together work on a the next steps for you to achieve success, whatever that may be. Not familiar with The Desire Map? Check out more information HERE 

*All pricing is final, no refunds. Cancelations can apply their credit towards future events and programs.